Find Your Why

Feeling fulfilled by what you do is only possible 

if you know Why you do it. 

Do you know yours?

Join this course to discover:

  • Greater satisfaction and joy in your personal and professional life

  • A deeper understanding of why some activities feel joyful and effortless and others are draining and difficult

  • Tangible steps to discover and articulate your Why

  • Habit-building strategies to sustainably live your Why, plus help finding your personal BHAG (a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal worth devoting your life to)

How it works: 

Over eight interactive video sessions via closed small group, we will: 

  • Define and illuminate the significance, psychology and impact of discovering your personal Why

  • Identify real stories from your everyday life that offer clues to what you truly drives you

  • Mine those stories for common themes

  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable with actionable steps to put our Why into practice

  • Answer your specific challenges head on through direct Q&A, tailored support, and collaborative problem solving

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