Beach frolicking, Samurai wisdom and why an entrepreneur’s mindset is their most powerful tool:

Years ago I took my son to the beach on a warm, summer day. In mere seconds, he’s covered in wet sand from head to toe.

“Just avoid his filthy little hands,” I naively tell myself.

I grow more anxious with every swift brush of sand off my shirt. His little grimy hands break through my defenses in no time. Resistance is pointless. Now a wet sandy duo, we giggle as I chase him up and down the shore, into the water and onto the rocks. We enjoy a warm bath together when we get home.

We return the next day.

“This shirt is already sandy and wet,” I say to myself as we bounce onto the beach, no longer fearing something that simply cannot be stopped.

The mindset is perhaps best summed up by an old Samurai saying: “Die before going into battle.” Accept death to fight without fear.

In business and life, the key to overcoming fear isn’t about convincing yourself that a negative outcome won’t happen. It’s accepting that it most likely will happen. Don’t fear it, embrace it. Because when we accept the inevitable, we take back control and become too busy making a splash to care about getting a little dirty.

Are you focusing your attention on what matters most? Have you ever spent time resisting or fearing something that was in hindsight a waste of time?