“To have a coach, especially right now with all the things going on in the world, is absolutely critical. I believe that my attitude is better. My ability to bounce back. My ability to rise above the chaos and focus on what’s important has made a gigantic difference in my ability to perform.”

Scott Corlett
Serial Entrepreneur


“Untangled Coaching is for anyone who feels stuck or lost in their place in life right now, whether that be someone who is having issues with their business and unsure of what to do, or someone who is looking to get out of the business they’re in and explore new options with their life.”

Adam Corlett
Founder, Adam’s CBD


“Jonathan has blown away the rocky path for me so I can see past the boulders and see possibilities.
Because Jonathan listens so deeply, he can help me move forward even when I’m stuck.”

Jennifer Adams Bunkers
Founder, TruKid


“Through our work with Jonathan and the different programs that he uses with Untangled Coaching, we’ve really come together as a team. And now instead of the GM’s just focusing on their four walls and what they want to accomplish, they see the big picture. We developed the culture of the company. They are now all about our culture. They live it and breathe it. We are really starting to gel as a team.”

Robby Nethercut
COO, Z’Tejas Southwest Grill.

“I’ve known Jonathan for 20 years.  During that time, I’ve seen him evolve from a smart, practical entrepreneur, to one of the wisest individuals I have ever known.   His combination of wisdom, listening skills, accumulated knowledge, and coaching/leadership best practices makes him uniquely qualified and effective at both one-on-one coaching, and leading group learning exercises.”

Tim Flood
Founder/Former President and CEO, Smart Resources Inc.

“Jonathan has been an exceptional coach in supporting me with my business growth. His conscientious attitude and meticulous attention to my needs in the arena of my business were invaluable. I highly recommend if you want to untangle and forge forward, Jonathan is the mentor for you.”

JB Owen
Founder Ignite Publishing

“Jonathan helped me identify and solve a personal and business issue that was keeping me from being a great leader. Honestly, I had been working on it for two decades and had almost resolved that it was unsolvable. It wasn’t. I just could not solve it alone.”

G. Michael Maddock
Entrepreneur, Speaker and Best Selling Author

“Jonathan is curious, compassionate, insightful and vulnerable in a way that opens up deep, transformative conversations.”

Theresa Alfaro Daytner
Serial Entrepreneur

“Jonathan has an extraordinary ability to be in the present and hear everything that you are NOT saying. He built a very successful global business, learned invaluable lessons, and then asked, “What’s next?” His “next” is to take his years of lessons in business and life and invest them into you, the entrepreneur. You can grow your business and still achieve balance and peace in your life. He truly helps to “untangle” you and your business.”

Todd Murphy
Founder of EcoChemPro

“Jonathan has a special gift of listening and staying focused and grounded. His gentle approach to providing coaching support provided me the confidence I needed to take on a new role and overcome project challenges. Thank you for your tools and wisdom.”

Samantha Borland

“You made my day. In just five minutes you helped me get out of a difficult emotional space and back into life. Really, all day I’ve been calm, focused, and doing my work, with less worrying”

Ari Levy
M.D./CEO, Founder of Shift

“As an entrepreneur, it can be challenging to find the right coach to both support me, and to hold me accountable with tough questions—Jonathan’s questions have had lasting impact on my life, both personal and business.”

Theresa Alfaro Daytner
Serial Entrepreneur


“I’ve yet to meet another human being matching Jonathan’s unique superpower to synthesize complex and poignant information while so seamlessly conveying it to suit such a vast array of learners and participants.  He is compassionate, friendly, and most of all trustworthy. If you find yourself in a coaching relationship with Jonathan, consider yourself lucky!”

Marc Roth
Founder, Home Warranty of America

“Jonathan has a very unique and effective method of looking at a business and its leadership. His ability to help his clients identify blocks to growth in their leadership and their business practices is exceptional. This is all done with a level of accountability that is not often found in business coaches.
The holistic nature of Jonathan’s coaching allows clients to grow both as business leaders and in their personal lives. Jonathan has coached me in way that is extremely encouraging, while also being challenging. This is an exceptional skill he has developed.”

Jennifer Lewis
President, Forever Natural

References Available Upon Request

Feeling all tangled up?

Talk to Jonathan for a Clarity Call to see how the Untangled Method will help you


Feeling all tangled up?

Talk to Jonathan for a Clarity Call to see how the Untangled Method will help you


Feeling all tangled up?

Talk to Jonathan for a Clarity Call to see how the Untangled Method will help you